Welcome to our family farm. Here is a little information about who we are and what we hope to do.

Farmer Barry grew up next to his grandparents farm, Windy Hill Farm in Caswell County, NC. By watching his grandparents work the land he understands the hardwork and dedication it takes to have quality meats in your life. Farmer Crystal is new to farming but is dedicated to a more sustainable way of life. Both Barry and Crystal are hoping to offer the community meat from animals that are raised the way God intended. Our chickens will be on fresh grass to peck bugs and will not be given drugs. Our pigs will be pastured and have the ability to root and help to heal our land. In the future we are hoping to have grassfed cows that will fertilize our fields. We believe that we can use our animals to help us heal the land and grow better grass to help feed our animals so they can help heal the land. It is a continuous cycle of land development and quality food.

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